August 15, 2022


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Neymar Meets Barca President At FIFA Awards

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Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar revealed he held a “normal” conversation with Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, the first contact between the pair since he left Camp Nou.
Bartomeu had stated after the deal was done that the club had “trusted too much” in Neymar and his father, words that Neymar slammed as a “joke” on social media.
But speaking at the Best FIFA Football Awards in London, the PSG man offered an olive branch to his adversary.  
He said, “I spoke to Bartomeu in a normal fashion,” he explained after making the top three in the Best Men’s Player category, alongside Lionel Messi and eventual winner Cristiano Ronaldo.  
Neymar also commented on his friendship with Messi, and stated that the pair avoided the subject of football as they caught up in London.  
Neyamar said, “We didn’t speak about football, only other things,” he revealed. “He is my friend and wherever we are, we will be together.”


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