May 26, 2022


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NGO kickstarts construction of 22 libraries across Africa

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A United States based non governmental organisation, The Smiling Foundation has commenced the construction of 22 libraries across Africa.

The fourth library which was launched in Cameroon, on 15th February, 2019, is aimed at promoting and enhancing quality education across the Africa continent with the sole goal of breaching the knowledge gap between developed nations and developing nations of the world.

According the Executive Director, an adviser to United Nations, Lidwine Meffo, stated that the construction of the library will give more students access to quality education education across Africa. “Our foundation is aimed at helping the grassroots and the less privileged,” she said.

Commenting on the activities of the organization, CEO. MagnaFaith Media, enthused that the organization of The Smiling Foundation is worthy of commendation, while clamoring for more NGOs and social enterprises to tackle the challenges faced by the grassroots.

Members of the society also thanked the organization for bringing such project to their locale, while assuring the effective use of the donates resources.

According to The Smiling Foundation, other countries where libraries will be constructed include; Nigeria which will be the fifth with two libraries, Senegal and other Africa countries; with great focus on improving quality education and information among teeming Africans.

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