June 25, 2022


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NGO urges Nigerians on love, fed 1000 beggars

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*NGO urges Nigerians on Love, fed 1000 beggars*

A Non Governmental Organization based in Ilorin, Kwara State;BSBMInitiative have urged Nigerians on the need to show love to one another, not minding their differences.

The call was made in a statement made available to newsmen prior to the new year in Ilorin.

In the statement, the NGO urged the government to show love to its citizens through priortizing their welfare vis a vis the citizens showing same to one another in order to better the lot of the country,Nigeria.

This came after the NGO distributed clothes and food to 1000 beggars in five states in spirit of the festive season.

The event which was reported to have taken place in Kwara, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti and Oyo State was tagged ‘fiesta of giving.

In the statement signed by the executive director; Olasunkanmi Oso, revealed that the NGO have made priority the provision of welfare to vulnerable kids and their parents in the society thus, providing lifeline to them through health care service, educational and empowerment programmes in order to take them away from the street.

‘We are proud to state that 29 street kids have been enrolled by the NGO in primary and secondary school in Ilorin and we are adding more while incurring all the necessary bills as to see that the kids move away from the street’ as quoted by the statement.

The NGO also revealed that free malaria test have been provided to the kid as well as drugs and free treated mosquito net distrubuted this year in conjunction with the State Ministry of Health and Kick Back Malaria.

‘We will not relent in our pursuit of a better society in Nigeria and you can be a part towards achieving a better society that begins with you.’

‘The Sustainable Development Goal is not to made achievable by the Government alone but by all and that is what we are aiming at through our selfless service to humanity and Nigerians.’

Meanwhile, the organization called on well meaning Nigerians on the need to do more in improving and aiding the development of the country while stressing that a growth to the country is a growth to all.

Thus, called for a unified effort bonded by love as a key to achieving the name tag’ Giant of Africa’.

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