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Nigerian Campus Editors lauches e-library

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​Date:​ 28/02/2018
Campus Editors Launch “WokeEditors” Initiative


The “WokeEditors” initiative is an initiative of the National Association of Nigerian Campus Editors which aims at improving the reading culture amongst editors and journalists from all Nigerian tertiary institutions.

It is an initiative geared at ensuring that campus editors are educated and enlightened as regards the scope and activities attached to being pressmen.

The online library of NANCE is being updated with books from now till the middle of march with the aim of the body to ensure that by the middle of march, the body has over 2,000 online books(PDFs) in stock for consumption by its members.

To be a beneficiary of the WokeEditor initiative and to get books, you have to be a registered member of the association, send a mail to nanceaddress@gmail.com requesting for journalistic books and the PRO of the association who doubles as Librarian will do the necessary to the editor’s personal mail within 72hrs upon the receipt of the request.

Therefore after download, the beneficiary editor notifies the body of the books received via the association’s mail and he or she is expected to give the association feedbacks cum synopses of the books he or she has gotten and how they have benefitted him or her.

We do not want to have brilliant and smart editors alone, but editors that are brilliant, smart and always stay “Woke”.



Adejumo Kabir,
Public Relations Officer, NANCE

Jonathan Oladimeji,
General Secretary, NANCE

Omole Isaac,
President, NANCE

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