May 19, 2022


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Nigerian Government Vs Nigerian People: An ageless rift

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By Olayide Oluwafunmilayo Soaga


NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT (noun) : A group of people whose majority consists of inconsiderate and corrupt political juggernauts who loot public funds with a faction of them being civilised thugs who are known for not only throwing shades at their opposition but also throwing objects at one another in the Parliament. They are so thoughtful that they do not enrich their pockets at the detriment of the masses but also distributes mint #1000 naira notes with packaged garri for their citizens during election campaigns. They are often seen using poverty to make the masses dance to their corrupt tunes.

NIGERIAN PEOPLE (noun) : A group of people who are not only Nigerians by birth but Nigerians in thought. They always seem to find fault in every policy enacted by their government because according to them, the government is insensitive to their needs and always pay deaf ears to their demands and pleas. Majority of whom are heavy laden with the yoke of poverty while some fall under the middle class but they still try to make ends meet through legitimate or illegitimate means. When hit by a setback or suffering trauma, Nigerians people are heard chanting ‘WE MOVE’, a popular street anthem that has made more waves than the country’s national anthem. The only thing Nigerian people ever do in unison is criticise their government’s moves.

Conflict is indeed fundamental to the existence and growth of every human society thus making it inevitable. Most conflicts however arise as a result of differences in interest. The world has seen conflicts between government and it’s people; it’s birth, peak attainment and till it’s tragic death after being successfully resolved. The conflict between the People and government of Nigeria is one that stands tall among all other conflicts.

These two conflicting groups have sank deep in the river of conflict for ages and there is no hope in sight for the resolution of their differences. The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of both groups. Whenever the government embarks on a project, enact a policy or take a step to restore order, Nigerians shut their eyes tight to see any good that might come out of it and open their eyes to see only the bad inherent in it forgetting that there’s also a good side to everything. The government on the other hand are often times too hard on the citizens. For instance the EndSARS protest and Occupy Lekki toll gate protests, the government were in no way ready to address the situation and harken to the people’s voices. A sensible government would have had a round table discussion with representatives of the people and deliberated rather what we have is deliberation with Terrorists and armed bandits while peaceful protesters are sentenced to inhumane treatments.

These scenarios are not the first instances of conflicts between the people and government of Nigeria and definitely won’t be the last if both parties do not agree to disagree and reach a consensus. The signs are as clear as crystal that the people are ready to revolt against the government if the government continues to act deaf to their demands but a revolution is the last thing Nigerian needs. What the country needs is not for the people and government to continue to bicker like rivals but to settle every differences like siblings and together, we would make a better Nigeria.

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