May 17, 2022


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Nigerian popstar; Davido, officially proposes to Chioma

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Davido wasted no time to announce to the twitter community that he was officially engaged. He wrote, “SHE SAID YES!!!! BIG ROCK 💎

David Adeleke known by his stage name Davido, is said to be one of the biggest hip hop musicians in Nigeria. He started to show to the public his love affair with Chioma; Avril Rowland in 2018, which he confirmed through his music, “Assurance” then in 2018.

The Omo baba olowo crooner had earlier announced on 2nd September, 2019, the traditional rite performed by his family members in other to make known his intention to marry chioma before proposing to her yesterday.

His comment on twitter has made it almost clear that he plans to wed her in 2020.

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