August 20, 2022


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Nigerians consumption of 400 million condoms yearly, falls below expectation – SFH

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The Society of Family Health has said that Nigerians consume over 400 million condoms annually. Its Managing Director, Bright Ekweremadu, said this in Lagos on Tuesday.
He was, however, quoted as saying that the 400 million condom consumption could fall below expectation based on the society’s estimation of unprotected sex in the country.
He spoke during the launch of Flex condom, a brand that, he said, came with a lot of flavours and had more strength and could last longer during sex.
He said, ”What we are doing now is expanding choices for the sexually active Nigerians who are using condoms. So we have varieties of condoms with different features to make sex worth it, for those who will use the condom. We are not promoting sex. What we are promoting is responsible sex. If you know you cannot abstain, the best thing is to use a condom; it’s safe for you and your partner.”

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