May 26, 2022


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NOJWC projects core values of SU, University as problem solving institutions — UNILORIN SU Chief Justice

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NOJWC projects core values of SU, University as problem solving institutions– Uil SU Chief Justice

The concept of the National Online Judgement Writing Competition described as one that projects the core values of the University of Ilorin and the Students’ Union Government as problem-solving institutions and entity respectively.

The Chief Justice of the Students Union Court, University of Ilorin, Honourable Justice Azeez Mujeeb Opeyemi, made this assertion in a document made to newsmen on Thursday evening.

The document earlier released titled: “FAQs on the Judicial Council’s Maiden Online Judgement Competition (NOJWC) 2020,” provided answered to some questions regarding the competition.

According to Azeez, “First, the concept of the competition projects the core values of the University and the Student Union as problem-solving institution and entity respectively.

“The age-long problem of technical writing of judgments will henceforth be replaced by more plain English use for easy comprehension and understanding which is important to our overall progress.

“Second, it is a precursor to a journal which the judicial council wishes to establish very soon. We believe there is an opportunity for us in other Universities to market our journal and improve on our readership.

“The ultimate aim is to have unfettered access to these schools library and when the time is right, we shall monetize the journal and bring in more money for the Student Union. It is a long term plan.”

Though it was the maiden edition in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, the Chief Justice however explained that it wasn’t the first of it’s kind. He said that it holds in India and some parts of the United States of America.

“To speak more emphatically, we are making an EMIRATE out of this competition to showcase the culture, style, devotion and commitment of the Student Union, University of Ilorin to calling for attitudinal change in administration of justice. It is the first time it will hold on National Level,” he added.

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