May 19, 2022


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Nollywood goes international again as “The ghost and the house of truth” premiered in New York city

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The movie which is directed by Akin Omotosho features Nollywood veterans such as Toyin Oshinaike, multiple award winning actress, Kate Henshaw who acted as inspector folashade, BAFTA award winning Susan Wokoma who played Bola Ogun, and many more.

Temple productions slate 1 films and the mission entertainment delivers awesomely in this movie titled “The ghost and the house of truth” which was produced by veteran actress, Ego Boyo.

The movie tells the story of a counsellor, Bola Ogun whose 8-year old daughter goes missing. Frustrated by the police investigation, she takes it upon her self to catch the perpetrator, but as time runs out things takes an unexpected turn.

The Ghost and the house of truth was screened  at Empire 25, theatre 12, New york city on the 20th September 2019.

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