June 30, 2022


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NUESA SRC Suspends President: Report From NUESA SRC Sitting  

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The sitting began with the Speaker, Mr. Olatubosun Olajide, announcing the absence of the clerk & the deputy clerk while he delegate an honourable for the representation of the Clerk.
The reading of the last resolution by the represented Honourable from the desk of the Clerk.
An Honourable moved a motion for the adoption of the last resolution/agenda
and was seconded by another Honourable.
The Speaker talked about  receiving a letter of notification for absentia of the Clerk/Deputy Clerk at the last sitting.
The Speaker reported on the initiation/creating of 10-man constitution review committee in the last sitting while he call the honourables involved out to the House. “Article 19, section B of the constitution states the work & task of the Constitution Review committee which is the notification, schedule & procedures, amendments, review of any sittings.”
The Speaker asked how far the committee had gone from the last sitting and he requested Honourables opinion, suggestions and evaluation to the progress and effectiveness of the Committee.
While Honourables involved in the committee, of the 10 men appointed, only 3 were present.
The Speaker commented on the committee’s indulgence, acts towards the task given to them.
The speaker then finalized the work and task given to them not to cause an adjournment of discussion for the progress of the committee till the next sitting.
He said that, so far, there were few represented then something can still be done without waiting for the presence of the rest committee members and they can disseminate the ideas been resolved for the progress of the committee.
He further appointed A Chairman and A Secretary for the Committee. The Speaker concluded that an oath of allegiance should be taken for the newly appointed chairman as they proceed for their official call out/duties.
Report of Stewardship

Readings and report from the Social Committee: The Secretary of the Social Committee gave a report on the  Engine Got Talent which was held @LT1. He said the forms for the program was given out for #1000 for a contestant and #1500 for Croup and which they have 25 contestants.
He added that the program was opened to all Unilorites. According to him, the money issued out for the Engine got Talent was #142,000, which the program was carried out for 5 consecutive days.
A report from the Press Committee:  In absent of the secretary, amember of the committee stood up to talk about the printing of the forms for the Engine Got Talent which a sum of #5,600 was been spent on the printing as regard the Engine Got Talent program for the contestants.
An honourable raised an alarm on the press committee, concerning the Secretary for his unenthusiastic attitude towards his duty, and act of misappropriation towards any proposed budget.
According to him, he heard that 35forms were been printed & sold out but to have only 25forms been recorded, the honourable requested for a clarification on that from the Press Committee.
Another honourable in the house suggested for an indefinite suspension of the secretary till further notice. The Speaker solicited that the press committee secretary not to be suspended.
CEC Report: A letter of summoned was delivered to the CEC members on 7th of February stating that the CEC members are to and were expected to be at the last SRC sitting while this was read by the representative of the clerk.
Another honourable in House pointed that the CEC members has not been taken the SRC members with full seriousness but rather are they showing a dominative authority.
An honourable in the House particularly pointed to the President of the Association with his misused authority as a president on the SRC members and on the Association as well because they have the power to his removal on the office he is occupying.
He stated that, countless of time the President has used his position to cheat and misuse the opportunity for the progress of the association just because of his selfish interest, supporting and covering the other CEC members of their unlawful and corrupt acts in the association.
An honourable in the House pointed that, the President has acting rudely and showing irrelevancy to the SRC members.
Another honourable moved a motion for an indefinite suspension of the NUESA(Nigeria Unversities Engineering Students Association) President, till further notice a motion seconded by another honourable.
An Honourable said, an indefinite suspension is not the next thing to do but seeking for the betterment of the association should be an individual priority without giving a mind to the low level of seriousness of the CEC members of the association.
The Speaker said the motion had been moved and he’s been placed for an indefinite suspension till further notice.
The Speaker then spoke on moving to the next agenda of the sitting, which is the AOB.
The Speaker reported the inconsistency of some honourables in the House for the SRC sitting, stating that it had been awful and lackadaisical acts of some honourables not coming for the sittings.
An honourable in the House pointed out a fellow honourable who hasn’t being coming for sittings, which according to him is a negligence to duty.
He suggested 7 working days suspension and then moved the motion to suspend his follow honourable on 7working days suspension, and was seconded by another Honourable.
The enthused that, according to the constitution, for an Honourable to missed a sitting for two consecutive period, such honourable should be placed on suspension till further notice.
He admonished the honourables in the House to always be a good ambassador of their individual constituency, not giving in to negligence and “Lethargy.”
The Speaker asked if there’s any view, suggestions, contradictions and opinions to solve into from the Honourable for today’s sitting.
While there’s none, The Speaker requested to move for an adjournment of the sitting from the Honourables.
An Honourable in House moved the motion for adjournment of the sitting, which was seconded by a fellow Honourable.

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