May 17, 2022


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OAC holds information literacy seminar in Kwara

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One African Child, an international Non Governmental Organization has held an information literacy programme in Kwara State.
The programme which was organised to support the information literacy campaign by UNESCO was held at Government Secondary School in Ilorin.
According to Tomori Uriel in his lecture titled; “Making useful use of the media,” he charged the students to be intentional about the content they consume from the media. “Be intentional about your exposure to the media,” he said.
Uriel enthused that, the media be it mainstream media or digital media are tools created to support learning and making the whole process of learning easier. “There are useful information about your subjects online, that can improve your grades and academic performances in school.”
He further urged the students to verify and factcheck information from multiple medium, friends and more reliable sources while been critical of  their level of credibility.
Ahmed Abdullahi, an humanitarian and entrepreneur, in his lecture urged the students to be positive participant in circulating information.
According to him, identifying, searching, verifying and evaluating information are cues for getting quality information from the media.
According to OAC Kwara director, he said, OAC is committed to alleviating human challenges especially in the educational sector across Africa.
The further requested for feedbacks from the students. Questions were asked and gift items were given to those who answered correctly.

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