May 26, 2022


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On Moral Decadence Among Nigeria Youths: My Perspective

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By Adeniyi Stella Adedamola

A significant percentage of Nigerians today are youths; and it is a big challenge to maintain and support these youths. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these youths are affected by moral decadence. This causes many social problems and sadly, the scenario worsens day by day.

Nowadays, everyone is facing different problems mostly because of the moral decadence among our youths. Moral decadence starts most times at the family level and ends at international level in worst cases. A good example is the issue of cybercrime which started as 419 in Nigeria but has now extended to the international level as Yahoo plus, and which is ruining our country’s reputation.

Moral decadence is caused by different factors which includes: breaking of promises, less practice of our cultural and societal values, dominance of foreign cultures, decreased practice of ethical instructions, etcetera. If we expect to bring back happiness into our country, we should try our best to curb all activities that cause moral decadence among the youths.

The effects of moral decadence in Nigeria is undescribable. The family being the closest to a man, is affected first. People begin to gossip and see the family as ineffective in the raising and training of children when the children engage in immoral activities. People might even stigmatize such family.

Furthermore, the society is greatly affected as there is increase in crime rate. Youths now find pleasure in engaging in criminal activities such as hooliganism, cybercrimes and lots more. In fact, they now compete among themselves to know who can violate the law best.

Nigeria youths have lost their identity, they no longer care about the right values of their society, they are no longer aware of their cultural heritage.

However, the issue of moral decadence among Nigeria youths can be controlled. Family ties can be strengthened. Children should be taught good moral values that will help them to grow into responsible youths. Religious organizations should also teach the youths in the way of the Lord. Governments should also create platforms that will help to teach the youths the right etiquettes. Law enforcement agencies should also be put in place for the enforcement of societal laws and also rehabilitation of offenders.

Finally, let’s remember that the youths of a country are the future of that country and they are the artisans that will design the fate of their country in the nearest future. The youths won’t be able to make a good design if they continue in moral decadence.

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