May 19, 2022


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On Psyberea 100 Most Reputable Students and the missing Presidents — Pèlúmi Sàlàkó

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A list that seeks to reward the 100 most reputable students of the University of Ilorin has been recently released by the Psyberea group, and since then, it has been topsy-turvy on the varsity social media scape(esp WhatsApp.) This turbulence is primarily courtesy of the prominent snub that characterizes the list’s appearance this year. 

There has been much clamor about the absence of the erstwhile President of the Students Union and the Senate council president. This case has boiled into serious name calling and attacks on the personality of the group. And of course, hash tags such as #ourformerSUpresidentisreputable has begun to emerge. All thanks to impassioned supporters of these personalities. The list however features about six member of the SU CEC & SC. 

What excites me specifically is the stringent presence and composition of this cohort and the exciting marvel with which it brings people who are silently winning to limelight. And I am depressed in the same measure that the  dominant clamor is about the absent president. How about the hundreds of highly qualified students who might have gotten snubbed for one or more fatal reasons? How about people with no visible position or image (yet) but without notice, constantly strive to make things happen. 

I am of the understanding that leadership is hard, and your pains and effort at most times float away without notice or appreciation. and this might just be what has unfortunately happened to the missing presidents. 

Looking at it, the administration under Animashaun’s charge has been excellent. From the Convergence, to the empowerment program, on to the writing workshop, the publication of the inaugural issue of Zango Review and the late Leadership summit. It has been a Rollercoaster of innovations and unabashed excellence. 

What we have, however, failed to notice is the president’s seeming shyness from activating his electioneering promises. His manifesto is laced with ripe and bountiful ideas. So much has been done under his change. But what has he, as the executive president, or as an individual without the privilege of presidency done to set him apart as deserving on that list of honor? 

If the Students Union Oscars has failed in holding up the required integrity and credibility, it is only right for some people to stand up to the rescue of genuine reward—people or establishments will fail, and replacements shall arise to take their place, it is the natural order of the world. And that’s what Psyberea has done. 

If this list has excelled at anything, it is that it has pushed a fresh, exciting narrative to the forefront. The bold move that recognition is not a honorarium element and that it should take effort & judicious use of office for the captains of our union to get recognitions such as this. It will also set the new president on his toes that repute is not patrimonial. 

It is only a list, and lists, just like individual opinions are totally subjective. However, this is a list that speaks volume. The former president’s exclusion might be justifiable or not based on your point of view since there are no absolutes, and situations (such as this) are open to multiplicity of truths. 

Pèlúmi Sàlàkó studies History and International Studies and he can be reached via

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