May 17, 2022


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On the General Student Welfarism in the School: The needs from the Management

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By Aderibigbe Yesirah Adebusola

A student welfarism stretches across many aspects of his living as a student. Talking of his health, his study environment, his campus environment, social and academic rights; the way he is treated by the authorities, and his entire experience while under them.

In other words, student welfarism surpasses things that are directly related to his studies, however, need to put to work in other for him to be comfortable and healthy during his study period and further to enhancing good performance in his academic activities.

The study environment is the most prominent issue affecting the general welfarism of this university’s student community. Most of the furniture and other learning aid equipment put in place for students in the lecture theater, lecture rooms, lecture halls and laboratories are outworn and antiquated.

The university management is expected to provide good and durable furniture, repair bad ones and update learning aid equipment periodically in other to establish a condusive study environment.

Also, students, especially the freshmen, find it difficult to find shelter for themselves. Private hostel facilities around the university vicinity are always expensive and most students cannot afford to pay this expensive rent. The university management should build more school hostels available for students with affordable dues.

Another issue is that of the university library. Most of the books in the university library are archaic and not up to date, which is not enhancing the intellectual skills of students. The library books should be updated periodically. The university management should engage in inter-library loans if the management cannot afford books at all times.

Furthermore, the issue of transportation continue to become yet another prominent problem as the students, who live outside the campus, suffer everyday due to the scarcity of buses. The students always have to queue for hours before they get conveyed to the school or their respective residences. The university management can ease the stress of the students by being partners with organizations that can provide buses for the students as a whole and the institution at large.

In addition, there is always one issue or another with the school lecture timetable. It is either lectures clash or the venue for a certain lecture is preoccupied or over-occupied. This is an issue that causes instability on the part of the student. Most classes do not hold for weeks due to the lectures clash. Hence, lecturers are not able to cover all courses outline before the examination period. The university management should work in synergy with faculty Deans and departmental heads to create good lecture timetable without complications and less clashes. Or better still, construct more lecture halls for easy class allocation.

In conclusion, there is little or no effective communication between the students and the university management. This is an issue to the welfarism of the university’s student community due to the fact that students are not well catered for because there are no avenue for students to state their needs and wants. The university management should provide avenues, such as suggestions box, for students to express themselves without fear and effectively communicate with the university management without fear of intimidation. Also, 90% of the students are supposedly on social media platforms, the University management can create an official Facebook and Twitter and leverage on it to pass timely and urgent information that concerns the students.

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