May 17, 2022


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Operation Clean Law: Lord Kenny Speaks

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A sanitation exercise was carried out in the class areas of Faculty of law, University of Ilorin on 12th May.
The exercise tagged ‘OperationcleanLaw’ was initiated by Ebitanmi Kehinde, a 400lvl student of the department of Common Law in conjunction with the office of the welfare secretary of the society. The cleaning exercise was done alongside a Cleanliness awareness campaign as students were seen holding placards with inscriptions.
After  the cleaning, our correspondence met with him for an interview.
LP: Good evening, sir. Can we meet you?
LK: My name is Ebitanmi Kehinde popularly known as Lord Kenny.
LP: On the Operation clean law, whose initiative is it?
LK: The whole idea was mine, it’s my initiative and I told the welfare secretary and she bought the idea though she said she had something similar in mind. So we actually carried it out together.
LP: When you used the word ‘we’, who did you refer to as we? Is it you and the welfare secretary or members of the society?
LK: I carried out the project in conjunction with the welfare secretary, so we made the project open to LSSite to volunteer and luckily we had quite a number of people who volunteered for the sanitation exercise.
LP: Did you do the ‘operation’ in your personal capacity or as the Assistant General Secretary of the society?
LK: I did what any well-meaning LSSite could have done.
LP: The equipment, detergents and any other thing utilized were provided by who?
LK: It was an aggregate of my personal fund and donations gotten from LSSites who out of their generousity also donated towards the cause. Therefore, I would like to use this medium to appreciate everyone who donated and participated in the sanitation exercise in one way or the other.
LP: What is your purpose for initiating and carrying out such an exercise?
LK: A renowned statesman once said that “Think of what you can do for your society not what the society can do for you”. I believe this statement encapsulates the progressive and ideal mentality an individual should have as a member of a society who truly desires to contribute to the growth and development of his society. Thus, the underlining wisdom in this statement has been my guiding principle for a long time. Hence, the reason why I embarked on the project tagged: “Lord Kenny Mark-Up LSS project” wherein I sponsored the procurement of whiteboard markers and refilable ink for same last semester. Similarly, this time around, I observed that the faculty needed some level of sanitation, so, I thought of it as something I could do in my own way to contribute to the betterment of the society.
LP: How do feel about the support of LSSites and their turn up? Do you think it was impressive or below your expectations?
LK: The turn up was quite encouraging. They were very supportive.
LP: On a scale of 100 how supportive would you say they were bearing in mind that there are about 700 LSSites?
LK: Quite a number of people came and it’s a good one.
LP: Thank you sir for your time.
Omodara Ruth,

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