May 17, 2022


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Aminat Raji

As a student of the prestigious University of Ilorin, you’ll know that the issue of transportation is not an easy subject, especially for those staying outside. It has been an issue that over 60% of the student populace has been battling with. 

For the past month, transportation has been a core issue for the University of Ilorin students. Coming to school and leaving the school premises is heartache. 

The queue has always been unbearable, especially at the Terminus, Tipper Garage. Imagine leaving your house around 6:30 in the morning because you have an 8 o’clock class, and you meet a long queue at the Terminus.

You can be one of the students that have an eight to six class. You’ll struggle to get a bus that will take you to school. Rush to your class, without even having your breakfast. Once it’s six, you’ll go through the same process again. The difference here is that it’s now worse.

I have experienced a situation where I had eight o’clock classes for three consecutive classes. Some of these classes are always ending by six and by the time I get to park, it’s already too late. I would have to wait in the queue for over an hour. By the time I get home, it’s eight at night. I’ll be too tired to eat, read, or even complete assignments.

Some students have been known to hijack busses at unauthorized places. They do not follow the rule of queueing and waiting for their turn. I can’t say I blame them. We are all tired of the system. Some have classes by 8 am, but they are still in the queue by 7:55 am. There’s no way they would be able to make it to class on time.

Students have lost the zeal to learn because of this transportation issue. Some no longer come for classes because they don’t want to struggle for buses. Some students cannot stand for a very long time. There is the tendency that they will faint or start getting short of breath.

Apparently, students have been known to “shunt.” I just wonder how a person, who has been on the queue, under the sun, for over two hours will allow someone from nowhere to skip the protocol. Why would that person allow someone to stay in front of him or behind him?

This is always the issue that happens at the park. The queue will be moving, yet you’ll be on the same spot, wondering how that was possible. You can be in the same spot for over two hours. You’ll see buses coming, getting filled up, and leaving the park, yet you are still in that same spot. You’ll be wondering how that happened. You’ll be wondering if those controlling the queue are not doing their job. They are, but it’s just not enough. 

They need to monitor the middle of the queue. This is where the whole drama happens. They shouldn’t just stay at the front and think they are controlling the queue. That’s basically like doing nothing. Some need to stay around the middle, while some need to stay at the back.

Other solutions can be provided to curb the issue of transportation in the university.

Procurement of more buses

One is to sign a contract with some companies that provide long luxurious buses. During the first semester of the last session, it was revealed that three red buses were procured to make transportation issues easier on the side of students. The question is, what happened to those buses. We need more busses. The amount of students coming to and going out of the school every single day is just too much. 

Creation of affordable hostels

We also need affordable hostels. Most people want to stay in school, but they can’t afford private hostels. The next option available is the school hostel, but alas, most of them are not that conducive. 

There’s only one male school hostel in this school. We need more. Lots of males want to stay in school, but they might not be lucky enough to get a bed space on time.

Consideration of other bus stops:

 The korope drivers need to stop making Oke Odo their final bus stop when leaving school. That’s not fair on the other students. We have students who stay at Tipper Garage, some even stay at Tanke junction. Why would they want to ignore orders and only allow those going to Oko Odo to enter? Something needs to be done about this as well.

The transportation issue makes it hard for students to focus on their academic life and I hope something is done about this as soon as possible.

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