June 25, 2022


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Our first 100days in office are days of preparation, not of activities — Animashun

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The university of Ilorin students’ Union President, Com. Oluseyi Emmanuel Animashun has on Saturday 24th of November applouded his administration for the proactive measure the administration has embarked upon since its inception.

Animashun gave the commendation during his speech on the state of the union at the second ordinary planery sitting of the Union’s Senate council. According to him, his administration’s 100days in office were adequately spent in preparation for the major activities that would surface when the school fully resumed.

“It’s expected that a celebration of the first 100days in office would include numerous achievements and launching of various projects as a show of commitment to service. For us, the case is a little different. Our first 100 days in office included days when majority of our constituency were home on holiday. Those days were therefore used to prepare adequately for the special days ahead when students will be on campus”, Animashun said.

He however said regardless of the administration preparation, some major achievements were recorded. “Nevertheless, the past days were also not without some major activities and achievements”, the president said.

The achievements according to him were in the areas of Academic issues, the university hostels, the area of transportation, sports and the most laudable of all was on the university charges.

President Animashun in his speech titled “The State of The Union” gave insights on what had been done in the areas mentioned. According to him, in the areas of transportation, “we have taken giant step in easing the problem of transportation. The number of the university long buses have been increased and the Soludero buses from Kwara State Government that ply the route to the campus have been increased to 9. We have begun arrangements to increase the number of mini buses through consultations with stakeholders in the state. We are working on the new policies to ensure everything goes well”, he stated.

In the area of university changes, he bemoaned the rate at which the name of the University appeared in the public domain, especially, on the social media over the issue of increments in the University charges. Animashun explained the steps taken in resolving the matter and the achievement made so far about the issue.

“At first, there were rumours that the charges have been increased by about 117%. This cause a lot of outburst both within and outside of the university.”

“We immediately urged our members to desist from paying while we engage the management on the matter. We formed alliance of SU officials and faculty president and we then engaged with management for negotiation…the negotiation continued until the management agreed to peg the increment at 35%.” President Animashun recounted.

On the part of the University hostels, Animashun said the renovation of the hostels was as result of his administration swift recommendation for it. “When we first assumed office, we took a tour of the hostels and the condition was a huge challenge. We immediatly met with the Students’ Affairs Unit, SAU; they assured us that there were plans in motion to make the necessary changes and we were the coopted as stakeholders in the process.”

“If you move around the campus, you will discover that there are obvious changes all around our university-owned hostels. For the first time in a long time, our hostels have been heavily renovated and all aspects were touched thoroughly” Animashun boasted.

Other areas that made the contents of his speech at the planery include: the Integrity of the Union, talking about the Students Union’s Building — Kaduna Iziagwu Building, Finances of the union and the Officials. Others also include Health, Welfare — the accommodation, the Transportation and the security on and off canpus.

Also, Animashun talked about Global opportunities, Human Capital development programmes, Peace and security, Social life on campus, External relations and the 2019 general elections.

Abdullahi Ridhwan Adetutu reports

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