May 19, 2022


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PALAZZOS: Seven Ways to style the “IT” Trousers

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By Shola-Adido Oladotun

Easy to wear, comfortable and stylish; there are only a few clothing items that possess these qualities and one of them is the palazzo trousers. The palazzo trousers, long women’s trousers cut with a loose extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist was a popular trend in the early 1960s and late 1970s that found its way back to the 21st century.

Palazzo trousers have become a trend among women all over the world, especially among young women between the ages of 18-45. Notable for their versatility, the palazzo trousers can be worn to events/activities like going to the office, attending a party, hanging out with friends, meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time, going to school and other social or corporate events.

Styling can either make or mar a palazzo, so you need to style it right. There are so many ways to style a palazzo; some of which are listed below.

Palazzo with a crop top 


Nothing fits better with a palazzo than a crop top. On its own, the crop is a chic and very stylish piece of clothing but when paired with a palazzo, it becomes a strong fashion statement. With the right combination of both clothes, you get to feel confident, stylish and very sophisticated.

Palazzo with Tanktop

Tank tops by nature are casual, simple and easy clothes but when paired with the right palazzo, they are transformed into a modern, energetic and fashionable look. Pairing a tank top with a palazzo is a perfect combination, especially during the summer season. So ladies, time to grab those tank tops you kept aside and pair them with your palazzo trousers. 

Palazzo with Off-shoulder top


We all love to show some skin and what better way to do it moderately and glamourously than wearing an off-shoulder top. You could take your style further by pairing up an off-shoulder top with a palazzo. 

Off-shoulder top when paired with a palazzo makes you look sexy, classy lovely. Give it a try today. 

Palazzo with shirt


Have a formal function and you find yourself doubting if you should wear a palazzo or not? Before you make a wrong choice by deciding “No,” try pairing up the palazzo with a tee shirt. Trust us, you are going to look great.

This awesome outfit combination not only makes you look formal, but it also gives a CLASSY definition to your entire look, especially if a pair of heels, belt and bag is added to the combination. 

Palazzos with Blazers

Tips on how to look professional —

Number one, “the blazers.” The blazers can turn any outfit into a professional ensemble. Want to look professional and super confident when you walk into the pitch meeting or presentation? Just throw a blazer on a shirt paired with a palazzo and voila; you are ready to walk into the room feeling like you own the place.  

Denim Jackets

Try something new, cool and funky by pairing your palazzo with a denim jacket. It gives your look a retrospective vibe, adding a little bit of modernity to it. 

Over the years, denim has proved that it is a fashion trend that is here to stay. So embrace this trend and try experimenting when you choose to pair it with a cute top and palazzo.

Palazzo with turtle neck top

Every girl should have a turtle neck top in her wardrobe because not only does it look amazing and fits the body perfectly, it also possesses the ability to serve as a blank fashion canvas for you to throw anything on like a jacket(sleeveless or not), a shirt and most especially, the palazzo.

Ladies, pairing up a turtle neck you own with a palazzo will make you marvel at the wonderful sight when you look into the mirror. 


When deciding to pair a palazzo with another item of clothing, bear the acronym, ECARI  in mind. 

Experiment: Never be scared to try new things. Try to step out of your comfort zone by pairing your palazzo with another item different from what you usually pair it with. For instance, you have been comfortable wearing a shirt and a palazzo, spice things up by opting for a turtle neck next time. 

Colour Appropriation: No matter how beautiful a palazzo is, combine it with the wrong colour of the top/shirt turns it into a fashion nightmare. Always try to select the perfect colour of shirt/tops to go with it. You could stand in front of the mirror and try various colours. The same thing applies to print and patterns.

Rock It: Nothing makes an outfit more beautiful than confidence. When it comes to wearing the palazzo, ensure that you own it. Carry your self with much elegance and confidence, don’t be shy to let people know that you are wearing one of fashion’s greatest invention. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. 

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