May 24, 2022


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PART1: I never collected money for personal use – Suspended Welfare Sec. (Com. Asukuti)

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The suspended SU welfare secretary, Com. Asukuti, has declared that he never collected money from the NAPEP union for personal use, in an interview with UCJ Unilorin.
Mr. Asukuti Ibrahim Abdullah, the suspended Welfare Secretary of the Students’ Union has asserted that, there are two different Napep Unions on the University Campus which are the Students’ Union Napep Association and the Multipurpose Cooperative Napep Association.
According to him, the audio played on the floor of the house during the Senate Council Meeting, that claimed the Welfare Secretary started receiving some amounts of money since November of the year 2017 is false. This is because the audio recording of the statement uttered by the Chairman of the University of Ilorin Multipurpose Cooperative Napep Union failed to state “who they remitted the money to,” which he believes the audio failed to give and was not to the Welfare Secretary. However, he further stated that, the Chairman of the Multipurpose Cooperative Keke Napep Union has no financial obligation to the Students’ Union.

In his statement, he claimed:
      “The record played at the Senate Council that claims that we start paying since November was by Cooperative Keke. The Chairman of the Cooperative Keke has no financial obligation to the Students’ Union. They pay their own weekly to their own association, that is, the Multipurpose Cooperative and it is paid by bank not even by cash. Now this man claimed they have started paying since November was to the cooperative, not the union but you can also have your own session with the Chairman.”

Asukuti stated that, he remitted the sum of Six thousand naira given to him in person by the Financial Secretary of the Students’ Union Napep Association directly to the Financial Secretary of the Students’ Union. He further claimed he has never collected money from the Union for his personal use.
Asukuti reacted to the general belief that prior to January, he had been receiving funds from the Keke Association of the Students’ Union. 
He said,
       “…You know I feel embarassed that this thing …While I am working for you, you are now jeopardising everything. The second week is when they started. And then, when they called me, I told them I was busy. The next week was the same thing. I was able to collect the money last upper week and immediately I collected it, I remit it to the Financial Secretary. Now, I dont know where the Senate Council got the information from that I have been receiving money from the Students’ Union Marwa Riders since the Eleventh month of the year 2017, that is, November.”

More details to come…
Note: There has been no official report from the Senate Council after his suspension. UCJ, Unilorin reached the SC Chairman on Information (for balanced reportage), who stated that the Press should wait for an official publication from the SC.

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