August 19, 2022


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Pastors Who Collect Offerings During Crusade Are Thieves: Reinhard Bonnke

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Celebrated German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, who is known for his great gospel crusades throughout Africa, has called out pastors who collect offerings from their congregants.
Although donating to missions or gospel crusades isn’t wrong, some Pastors have abused their post and are demanding that people donate as a pre-condition for receiving a blessing from God.
Most of them have adapted to a more sophisticated – and super flamboyant – lifestyles and are giving politicians a run for their money.
Well, evangelist Bonnke, who is among the few preachers who don’t collect offerings during crusades, had this to say about rogue pastors: “Anyone who asks you to give offering for this crusade is a thief and should be reported immediately.”


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