May 19, 2022


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Personality of the Week: Kwara Idol winner shares life experience

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In this interview, winner of the recently concluded Kwara Idol shares her life experience and journey to singing with Abdus’Salaam.

Q: May we meet you?

A: My name is Oyetundun Omolade Racheal, A student of mass communication University of Ilorin and I’m from Kwara state.

Q: Unilorin Idol, Kwara Idol, what’s next in line?

A: The journey does not end here, plus it’s about competing all the time, so I plan on getting a record deal and start music full time. I used the competitions to build myself and prepare myself from the music market. I am not totally prepared but I believe I can do well, I don’t plan on competing anymore, if I would it would be in the music market

Q: Why don’t you want to compete?

A: I believe I have a lot to tell, I have a lot to give and if I keep competing I might lose my focus. I want to start my career as early as I can so I can accomplish all I want and competitions will just keep taking my time

Q: What is your genre of music and why do you think it is your unique selling point?

A: My genre is good music, all genres are good and if you stick to one genre you are limiting yourself as style is different from genre. Style is the one you are identified with but it’s important as an artist for you to be able to do more than one genre because you cannot keep giving someone the same food all the time. They will get tired so you can switch to different genres but still according to your style.

Q: What would you say about someone like Adekunle Gold, does he have a genre or a style?

A: He has a style which he refers to as trado-contemporary music, he does different genres but still maintains his style; that’s why you can hear him and know this is Adekunle Gold

Q: Can you give us a brief of your style?

A: My intended music style will focus on storytelling most of the time, It’s going to address a lot of issues. Many people don’t know that there is a lot music can do. Music is a medicine so intend to dish out songs that will talk to the soul, songs that will not fade off.

Q: Do you mind sharing your journey to music?

A: Well it has always been a thing I wanted to do from my JSS3, I once told my dad before my Junior WAEC that I want to do music and I want to drop out to face music. He didn’t have much to say, He rejected the idea and told me I have to be educated. He was particular about school, rather he is still particular about school. He enlightened me and I decided to wait till I was ready

Coming to the university of Ilorin actually made it easier, I wanted to study Performing Arts since all I want to do is educate and entertain through music and drama but my dad refused and here I am studying what I have no iota of passion for however Unilorin brought about the exposure and that was Unilorin idol that was where I got recognised My course mate Bakare Zaynab  got me the Unilorin Idol season 2 form as a birthday present so I went and I qualified, And that was where the recognition came in and it’s been fun and all thanks to God. I did season 2 Unilorin idol and I lost my voice at the semi-finals and it was a big embarrassment so I went back for season 3 to take my crown and I won.

Q: What do you think can be done to curb the menace of parents forcing courses on their children?

A: Well, we all have our lives to live, I think parents should be enlightened I think they need to let passion lead because when you’re happy you will glow, It’s what you’re happy doing that will come out well, that’s my belief.

Q: What was the Kwara Idol contest like?

A: Well, it was a great platform for me and it was another level entirely totally different from unilorin idol, it was really tight but I scaled through, I Had to sell tickets and had to attend rehearsals and had to compromise a lot but thank God I laughed at last and I really learnt a lot in the house.

Q: Speaking about compromise, how are you combining being an idol with academics?

A: It’s not easy, music is a spirit and once it’s in you, it’s in you. I can’t say it’s not affecting me, I would be telling a lie if I say that because even at the moment I have a class for 10am and a meeting at 9:30am with some people I’d want to make anonymous.

Q: Any words of advice for people like you or people who aspire to be like you?

A: Personally, I’m moved by talent most of the time and not intellect, so if its music you wanna do, it’s your talent, go for it. Develop yourself and get the best out of it for people like me, we have made up our minds to do what we love not minding whether school or no school sorry to say, I’m not against education don’t get me wrong. I have seen medical students who do music and they thrive well doing the two. All I’m saying is don’t allow them tie your talent down with school, school, school.

 Do a course you’re interested in and pursue your talent and if you want to turn your talent to a career. I don’t think our parents should have a problem with that.

So just DO IT😉

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