May 19, 2022


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Personality of the week: Lawal Ahmed Abiodun (a.k.a Ambassador). Unilorin Students’ Union President, 2013/14 academic session

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Lawal Ahmed Abiodun is from Ogun state, born in Lagos on 27th of December, some years ago. He is a bachelor, with interests in Sports, Education, Debate, Leadership and Governance. He was the Students’ Union President in 2013/14 academic session. He currently works at the Student Affairs Unit, University of Ilorin


Mr Ahmed Lawal Ambassador, had his Primary education at Abiks Primary School, from 1997 – 2002. Secondary education at Abiks High School from 2002 – 2008. He proceeded to the prestigious better by far varsity for his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from 2010 – 2014. He is currently pursuing his Masters Degree.

UCJ: As a one time SU President, how was the experience?

AMBASSADOR: My experience as a Students’ Union President in summary was interesting and resourceful. There were challenging times with pressure bordering on Student Affairs and internal issues within the Union itself. As at the time of our administration, the message out in the public domain was that; Student Union do not belong to some particular set of people – say age, stature or experience. But what should matter most is the personality and interest of students. Like I said earlier, it was an interesting and resourceful experience because I had the privilege to meet different people of different ways and ideas, working with the University Management to continue to manage Student Affairs for the benefit of all. We had a great team, from the executives to the legislative and then the judiciary arm. All internal issues were mostly managed internally, and virtually all issues were resolved in the spirit of oneness, dedication and progress. For those who had worked in any student association or body will further appreciate the three arms.

UCJ: Is your involvement in campus politics a source of regret for you today?

AMBASSADOR: My involvement in Campus Politics during my Undergraduate days was a source of motivation for me. In other words, I have no regrets whatsoever for partaking in Student Politics and governance. The rudiments of governance and leadership are part of the experiences you have when you are privileged to belong to any students associations, bodies or organization.

UCJ: During your time as the President, how did you manage pressure from the opposite gender?

AMBASSADOR: How I did manage pressure from opposite gender?

I don’t think there was any pressure from opposite gender, it was just a normal circumstance of having colleagues, course mates, and close associates of either gender. Although as a member of the SU, you tend to know and have more students as colleagues and fans. What is paramount is to respect your fans who are closer to you, be it male or female. In conclusion, by virtue of my position then, I became closer to my colleagues, maybe more of female than male, but things were under normal and neutral situation, no pressure, no tension.

UCJ: What would you like to change in the Union currently?

AMBASSADOR: The Union has continued to improve and develop in terms of initiatives, projects and activities. Well, if there is a major thing I think would change or improve for better, it is the relationship between the executives and legislative arms. The union needs to see itself as an entity that has a major role in engaging the University management for continued betterment of student affairs. The union should always stay as one with the responsibility of the three arms balancing each other for better performances. The union should not be seen as a house divided against itself. Each arm has its own role. Respect for each other matters a lot, I had a speaker that was much more experienced than I was in student unionism but we were able to work and learn from each other without infringement on each other role and respect for offices. Personal ego, cheap popularity and money should not be attributed to any student union officials if the union must continue to wax stronger and get better.

UCJ: What is your relationship status?


UCJ: What is your opinion about the relevance of grade towards career success?

AMBASSADOR: It’s good to have good grades, however, the current situation we have found ourselves in the country gives alternative for situations. You found out that people with lower grades quickly switch their thinking into business or other things different from what they studied in school. The thing is that after some time, they become experts and find career in what they are doing.

On the other hand, graduates with good grades hope for job opportunities because they have the requirements, but we all know the level of scarcity of job opportunities in the country. Even without good grades, or the necessary area of specialization, people get jobs, so we can say that for some people, good grade is relevant to their careers – in Academic for example. While it is less relevant in variety of careers such as journalism, banking industry, entertainment industry, business enterprises etc.

UCJ: If you were to have a super power, what would it be?

AMBASSADOR: I don’t think there is need for any supper power, logic and ideals should be able to solve problems.

UCJ: How good are you at cooking and what is your favorite dish?

AMBASSADOR: Ishould not be boastful of myself or my skills, at the same time I think I’m a good cook. My background is one of a family that had only boys whose mother trained them like female children in a traditional Yoruba or Nigeria culture. To me it now seems to be an outdated tradition as for food cooking, both male and female children should be trained equally. I don’t think I have a favorite food, but recently I found love in Afang soup.

UCJ: Your message for Unilorites and youths in general.

AMBASSADOR: As a university student or better still, a university of Ilorin student, believe and see yourself as a potential scholar, Manager, Ambassador, and a Leader . As a potential Scholar, you see yourself having self-confidence in your academic life and in your skills to make it in whatever career you choose after school. As a potential Manager, you believe in your ability to manage situations, challenges and pressure you may face during and after life in school. As an Ambassador, you work to always represent yourself in the true image of what you are or aspire to be, you will be always determined to make your immediate family proud, you are part of those notable alumni of your institution in the nearest future and proud to be a patriotic Nigerian. As a leader, you don’t bother much about problems, you are more concerned with providing solutions, you see involvement in governance as a civic responsibility and always ready to be part of ideology for a good governance in the country.

UCJ: Thank you, Sir

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