May 19, 2022


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Personality of the Week; Osuji Chima Francis. 2017/18 President, Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ) University of Ilorin Chapter

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My name is Osuji Chima Francis. I’m 35yrs old, from a family of 7 (four boys and three girls), with me being the fifth.

I’m a native of Imo State from Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area; Eziala-Nguru/Ummunneasato autonomous community precisely.

Attended Ire-Akari Primary School (1994); Central High School (1999); Time and Tide International College for a resit (2001).
First degree at UI Ibadan (Adult Education). Second degree at Unilorin (Law). Masters Degree at UI Ibadan (Peace and Conflict Studies). Currently at the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus.

Born on October 25, 1983. Married to Geraldine Osuji. Union is blessed with a child, with another on its way. I’m a skilled writer, editor, crisis manager and peace journalist. I am the Founder,, and a multi-award winning journalistst. My interest lies in developmental journalism, data processing and advocacy.

UCJ: As a one time UCJ President, how was the experience?

CHIMA: As a former UCJ President, I must say that my experience was humbling, progressive and educative. I was privileged to have worked with a consternation of stars I call family. They made my leadership worth the while, unprecedented and purpose-driven.

UCJ: Is your involvement in campus Journalism a source of regret for you today?

CHIMA: No. On the contrary, it was an experience of a lifetime. In fact, campus journalism made me who I am today. I paid my dues to campus journalism and it brought good fortune in return.

UCJ: Knowing that Presidency attracts love, respect and ill feelings from people, how did you manage that?

CHIMA: Generally, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, according to William Shakespeare. As such, the UCJ President is always subject to public scrutiny, both in-house and outside the Union. Therefore, the only way to stay in line with the mission of leadership is to act above board always.

Another advantage I had going forward was my sound interpersonal skills which helped to get the right personnel to prosecute the mission of the Union diligently and professionally. In other words, the experience was refreshing and mutually beneficially, not consuming.

UCJ: If not Law, what would you have studied?

CHIMA: Mass Communication or Linguistics.

UCJ: Of the four temperaments, where do you belong?

CHIMA: It’s not as simple as it seems in the books. I possess the following:

Primary – Choleric

Secondary – Sanguine.

Hybrid – Cho-San.

UCJ: What one thing would you like to change in the society?

CHIMA: The typical Nigerian mindset of indiscipline on the one hand, and bad governance on the other.

UCJ: What next in your career?

CHIMA: Mid-wiving law practice with peace journalism, among other similar ventures.

UCJ: A special message for your wife and child

CHIMA: To my lovely wife and strong pillar, if you’re reading this message right now, I want you to know that joy comes in the morning. Thanks for staying strong and for treating me like a king. May your labour be not in vain.

To Arthur, my 2-I-C, may you grow strong and outperform daddy’s feats in life.

UCJ: Message for Unilorites and Youths in general.

CHIMA: Life is no joke; while you’re entitled to lead it subject to your freewill, remember, freedom isn’t absolute. The earlier you imbibe a sense of urgency towards realising your aspirations the better for your future.

The ball is now in your court, I suggest you play it right!

UCJ: Thank you!

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