September 24, 2021


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Philippines’ Duterte accuses EU of interference

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In a fiery speech full of expletives, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has accused the EU of interfering in the country’s domestic affairs.
He threatened to expel EU envoys within 24 hours, saying Europe was plotting to get the Philippines ejected from the UN. He provided no evidence for this.
The comments come after a Western delegation criticised Mr Duterte’s violent war on drugs. An EU spokesperson later said the delegation did not represent the bloc.
In his speech, President Duterte said: “We will be excluded in the UN? You son of a bitch. Go ahead. You are interfering in our affairs because we are poor. You give money and then you start to orchestrate what things should be done.” Addressing the envoys, he said: “You leave my country in 24 hours, all, all of you.”


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