May 17, 2022


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Police decry inadequate facilities in Kwara State

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By: Ahmed Abdullahi

Kwara State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ajayi Okasanmi has decried lack of adequate crime combating apparatus, under-staffing, gap in communication among others as banes to safety in the state.

He said this in an interview with NTA Ilorin, on “Morning Safari,” where he stated that the problems caused by inadequate facilities have hampered proper policing of global standard in the state.

“We have a long way to go but then the Government is trying and Police force is not relenting too towards ensuring  the security of life and property in the State,” he said.

He further described the attitude of people in crime scene from taking pictures to recording videos as worrisome.

While imploring people to concentrate on information gathering for the police, he said, “Police are not magician, we based our works on reports, eyewitness accounts and intelligence, so rather than focusing on taking pictures and videos for social media, why not for additional information to the police.” This will go along way in investigation, he added.

Reacting to question on research and deployment of technology in carrying out investigation on the robbery incidence in Offa, he stated that, the police will leave no stone unturned and he urge the people to give the police the benefit of doubt while pleading to Government at all level to allocate funds for procurement of necessary state and technological apparatus.

He further enthused, “The force is a non-profit organization and securing lives and property is a serious business that needs serious funding so I think the authorities concerned will in due time do the needful and we will get to the global standard of policing.”

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