August 20, 2022


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📊Poll Results: Google CEO Makes Fixing 🍔Hamburger Emoji His Priority

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Lettuce wins!! Although the logic behind this poll is questionable, it seems that the water-barrier properties of cheese- whether Swiss or cheddar- is questionable, while lettuce is the elected culinary water-repeller.
Unfortunately, these foods haven’t been put through the rigours of lab testing, so we may never know the real answer apart from our own experiences. All we know for sure is that Microsoft got it wrong.
The result for the poll is:
(Result in percent)
2⃣9⃣: The Cheese should be on the lower bun so that the juices don’t get the bread all soggy.
7⃣1⃣: It’s the lettuce that should be on the lower bun as it protects the bun from getting soggy, not the cheese.

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