May 17, 2022


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Pomp and pageantry as LSS Judiciary celebrates legal year

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Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

The inauguration of members of the Judicial Council has been formally conducted by the Judiciary of the Law Students Society at the celebration of its legal year ceremony. The event, which marks the beginning of the 2020/2021 legal year, was held on the 2nd of August, 2021, at the Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin.

The event, which witnessed the presence of legal personalities, had persons like the representative of Mr. Rafiu Lawal Rabana (Senior Advocate of Nigeria), Professor K.I. Adam; Dr. Muhammed Kamaldeen Imam-Temim, Abdul-Basit Mustapha Atoyebi (SAU), Abdur-Rasheed Shomope, who all advocated for renewed commitment in student legal advocacy and practice amongst student legal practitioners.

While facilitating a session themed “Towards Efficient Service in the LSS Judiciary: The Role of Students Advocates”, Abdul-Basit Mustapha Atoyebi (SAU) advocated for ethical conduct amongst student lawyers while urging the court to raise the standards of advocacy in the student jurisdiction. He mentioned that the court has an obligation to student advocates which should not be tampered with, and urged student advocates to remain diligent in their dealings with the institution of the judiciary.

Abdur-Rasheed Shomope, who sits on the judicial council of the Students’ Union as a justice, preached the gospel of obedience towards the institution of the court and justice. In his presentation themed “Obedience to Court Order: The Road to Sharpening the Tooth of the LSS Judiciary”, he urged student advocates not to fall into the pits of contempt, in the course of their dealings with the court. He explored the significance of court orders and their legal implications and preached that both the court and members of the bar should hold the orders of the LSS Court and other courts in high regard to further the administration of justice.

Professor K.I. Adam, the former Dean of the Faculty of Law and representative of the keynote speaker, Mr. Rafiu Lawal Rabana (Senior Advocate of Nigeria), stated in the mentorship session, which was a fused programme of the LSS with the legal year celebration, that students should stand out in their character in their course of study in the University. He emphasized the essence of learning and character as the University’s core values and enjoined all and sundry to build endearing personalities, to ensure that their qualities enhance their career paths in the legal profession.

The representative of the Dean of Law, Dr. Muhammed Kamaldeen Imam-Temim, admonished students and advocates to raise the bar of legal practice, to ensure the quality is not brought down from its high rankings. He also enjoined students to stay true to the course of their studies and extracurriculars to ensure to stand out as law students, worthy of emulation.

The event witnessed the formal inauguration of members of the LSS Judiciary by the LSS President, Ibrahim Ismail Mojishola, which witnessed the announcement of Tunji-Lawal Lawal Abolaji and Yusuf Fawazah as the Chief Judge and Chief Registrar respectively. The Chief Judge, Tunji-Lawal Lawal Abolaji, extended his gratitude to members of the bar and the bench for their continued support to the institution and urged all and sundry to continue to join hands towards promoting the quality of legal advocacy in the jurisdiction. He also unveiled the electronic law reports of the Court and stated that the project is to provide ease of access to the judgments of the court.

In his closing remarks, the President of the Bar, Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez, conveyed the appreciation of advocates to the institution of the judiciary and implored the audience to abide by the lessons mentioned by the facilitators during their presentations. He urged the advocates and the judicial officers to continue to uplift the bar of student legal practice, to ensure the promotion of legal jurisprudence and advocacy on campus.

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