May 26, 2022


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Pomp and Peagantry as Atunde Emerges as Speaker of the 25th LSS House

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Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez 

The President of the Law Students’ Society (LSS), Mr. Bamidele Jamaldeen (SAU) has inaugurated the Society’s 25th House of Representatives in pursuance to the constitution and in strengthening the legislative arm of the society. 

The inauguration, which was held on Monday, 14th of October, 2019 at the LR 1 Lecture Theatre of the Faculty of Law, witnessed the dissolution of the members of the 24th House of the Society and subsequent inauguration of representatives-elect who were voted in during the Society’s last faculty election.

The President in his speech implored members of the House to be law abiding and uphold the provisions to the very best of their abilities. He also stated that he would ensure that there exist a workable and cooperative relationship between the elected members of the executive and the legislature to ensure the upliftment of the interests of members of the society whom they represent. 

In his words of encouragement and admonition, the Senator representing the Faculty of Law at the Students’ Union Senate Council, Senator Yahaya Ramadan enjoined the Representatives to uphold the true tenets of the legislative values and desist from witch-hunting perceived enemies. The former General Secretary of the LSS, Mr. Abdullah Haroon Akewushola also enjoined the members of the House to have the sole interest of the society at heart and fulfill their duties as stipulated under the Constitution of the Society. University Scholar, Mr. Adeoti Daniel also enjoined the House to keep up with the vibrant tempo of the previous Houses to further earmark their successes in the discharge of their duties. 

In the election of the officials of the House, Mr. Bamidele Jamaldeen conducted the elections which produced Honourable Atunde Ahmad of the 500 Level Constituency as the Speaker of the 25th House, Honourable Tajudeeen Sulaiman Olawale of the 400 Level Constituency as its Deputy Speaker and Honourable Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad of the 300 Level Constituency as the Chief Whip.

In his address, Honourable Atunde Ahmad sought for the support of the Honourables of the House and enjoined that they all collectively work for the effective administration of their duties. He also implored the other arms of the society in bringing the desired prosperity of the members of the society. 

The House thereafter adjourned its sitting until further notice to map out its strategies in the course of implementing its duties and its projects.

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