May 26, 2022


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PRAD students of Mass comm. map out strategies to rebrand department

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By: Jokodolu Rodiat , Ajibade Muinat, Campbell Preye

The students of Public Relations and Advertisement (PRAD) under the department of Mass Communication, yesterday, organised a workshop presentation on the theme “Rebranding Mass Communication department”.

Given as a field research work to the students by the lecturer in-charge, Dr Gaffar Arikewuyo, the workshop presentation was aimed at ascertaining the level of the students’ understanding of the concept of Public Relations and Advertising and its emerging challenges; and also to affirm their level of readiness to face the competitive nature of the profession.

The programme which was held at the Lecture room 5 of the faculty, had four groups presentations, each of which mapped out rebranding strategies considered feasible to make the department a top-notch in the entire university and amongst its outside counterparts.

The presentation came to place after research has been conducted within all the 15 faculties in the university. The groups comprise of Spark agency, Kri8ive Communication, Prime Influx Communication and Apex Communication plc.

In an interview with the lecturer in charge of the workshop presentation, Dr Gaffar Arikewuyo, he stated that the Objective of the course is to bring out creativity through research. He emphasized that the intention was to groom the students and make them understand that success recording in PRAD campaign are recorded ultimately through research.

Dr Gaffar also spoke about the branding of the department and creating an identity such that over time, when the identity is being publicized and people see the logo of the department, they know that this is mass communication department, Unilorin.

He further commended the performances of the students, describing it as being beautiful. He noted that to a large extent, they understood what the course entails. In his words, “they have shown that with just little effort they can compete with any PR expert”.

The programme had in attendance Dr Kadiri KK, Dr Abdul Gaffar Arikewuyo, Mrs Mustapha, Dr La’aro and Mrs Adegoke.

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