May 26, 2022


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PRESS RELEASE: Nigeria Association of Social Work Students ( NASOWS)

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We have a bill, “The Nigerian Council of Social Work (Establishment) Bill 2017”. The bill has been in the National Assembly for some years until 2017 when it was passed by the Senate.

The Bill had earlier been passed by the House of Representatives after it went through the first, second, public hearing, committee stage, report state and finally passed by the green chamber (House of Representatives). The bill was taken to President Muhammadu Buhari who later rejected the bill due to some gray areas.

The bill was sent back to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development for modification after the areas which made President Buhari reject the bill had been normalised with the support of NASOW, ministries of Justice, Labour among others, the bill was taken back to the Senate.

The Senate last week reconsidered our bill and passed it. This is another good news for us. Our bill, God’s grace is on its way to the table of President Buhari for his assent. This is where we are.

After it becomes law, there will be a council, Nigeria Council of Social Work, it will be like, the Medical and Dental Council, Council of Legal Education among others.
The council will have total control of our profession. This is what is obtainable in other countries.

On the issue of Chattered institute of social work bill, we don’t need to talk more about it so as not to give it cheap popularity.

But, for clarity, we need to set the record straight. ISWON bill is still in the House of Representatives. It has not been subjected to public hearing and has not been passed by the House of Representatives. We don’t know how it got to Senate. For a bill to be given accelerated consideration by the Senate, it must have been subjected to public hearing, it must have been passed by the house of Representatives before the Senate can said it is concurring with the House of Representatives, because we are practicing bicameralism (Bicameral legislature). What is the Senate concurring on? We know that something was wrong. Can someone build on empty foundation? It is not possible. The ISWON bill lacks these criteria.

ISWON bill is a private bill which tends to control our profession and give certificates to people within some days. This is what happened to Accounting profession where somebody who holds SSCE and has passed through ICAN stages is said to be more qualified than those who spent four years in the university.

Its on this note the professionals, academic, students and other stakeholders use this medium to raise this alarm. If ISWON should sail through, God forbid, certificates issued by over 50 Universities, Polytechnics and other institutions offering Social Work may be useless, because, graduates of these institutions who have been taught by the professors, doctors will be subjected to be “charted or certified” owned by husband and wife money making institute before they can practice.

Many people even prefer to have SSCE and register for ICAN, after passing ICAN stages, they are now qualified accountants, they are said to be more qualified than those who spent four years in the university.

We should not allow this to happen to Social Work where someone who is given certificates within some days will said to be more qualified than those of us who spent years in the University or Polytechnics pursuing BSc, MSc or PhD in Social Work.

Our bill when becomes law will control the practice of social work, regulate and make policies through the council.

Please Mr President help to secure and safe our future not to ascent the chattered institute for social work bill its a private body business who want to hijacked our future and glory, council for social work bill is the legit bill for social Work practice which will be control under the supervision of federal ministry of woman affairs and social development.

We believe in your ideology sir, please don’t give room for them to burn our future all Nigeria students of social work speak out in alarm.

Comrade Olorede Abdul Gafar
National public relations officer Nigeria Association of social work students ( NASOWS)
400l students department of social work university of Ilorin.
Phone no : 08167238124

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