August 19, 2022


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President Buhari’s net worth, assets

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It’s over two years since Muhammadu Buhari became Nigerian president. Apart from the topic of his health and well being, people have also been wondering how rich Buhari is.
Muhammadu Buhari assets declaration
Unlike some of his predecessors who refused to declare their assets publicly, President Buhari was quite upfront about his property and valuables when he became president.
Even though newly elected presidents are only obligated to declare their assets to the CCB (Code of Conduct Bureau), Buhari decided to go the extra mile by sharing this information information with the public.
Thus, according to the declaration of assets he made in 2015 (as stated in Forbes and many other reliable sources), President Buhari has the following assets:
Five homes in Kano, Kaduna, Daura and Abuja;
Two mud houses in Daura;
Two undeveloped plots in Port Harcourt and Kano;
An orchard;
Farms and a ranch containing 25 sheep, 270 heads of cattle, 5 horses, various birds and economic trees;
Several cars (including those gifted to him and provided by the government);
Stocks in Berger Paints, Skye Bank and Union Bank;
₦30 million (roughly $150,000 at the time) in cash in his bank account.
For many people, this might seem like a lot, but President Buhari’s wealth was relatively small compared to previous Nigerian presidents or even his Vice President.
You might wonder:
But he surely must have gotten richer during the few years of his presidency! How rich is he now? Continue reading, and we will tell you the answer to this question.
Muhammadu Buhari net worth
Now, when it comes to President Buhari’s net worth, things get a little bit more complicated. For starters, there have not been any news about his wealth ever since his 2015 declaration. During his few years of service, he must have earned more money, even if we only count his presidential salary.
Did you know?
According to EconomicConfidential, the President’s annual salary is over ₦14 million! Each month, he receives over a million naira monthly.
That said, there are no reliable sources that state his net worth now even based on the data that is available. Nobody seems to know how much his houses, cattle and stocks are worth. It is surprising; after all, there must have been someone who has calculated that.
Some seedy websites are throwing around $100 million. However, it is not supported by any data or calculations, so the number is most likely false.
It seems that Muhammadu Buhari has changed his position on being open about his finances since becoming president. Has he got something to hide now? However, if he has a change of heart and decides to share his assets publicly once again, we will make sure to tell you all about it!


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