May 25, 2022


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Priti Patel Cancels Nairobi Tour

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Priti Patel is facing the sack today after Theresa May ordered her to cancel an Africa tour and return to the UK.
The Aid Secretary’s fate appears to be sealed after two further secret meetings with Israeli officials emerged on top of the 12 that had already been revealed.
The latest developments appear to have hardened the mood in Downing Street, where there had already been fury at Patel’s “freelancing”.
No10 sources said the minister had been told to return to the UK from Nairobi for a showdown, cancelling plans for her to fly to Uganda with Trade Secretary Liam Fox.
The row over Patel’s extraordinary breach of government protocol while on a “family holiday” to Israel surfaced last week, but erupted again on Monday when she admitted there were more undeclared meetings, including with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.
May demanded an apology from Patel and formally reprimanded her, hoping that would draw a line under the furore.


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