May 19, 2022


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PS – Tipper Garage Just 17min 20Sec, says Senator, Urges passengers to endure

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The senator representing faculty of Environmental Sciences and Chief Whip of the senate, Senator Bagbansoro Uthman has said at Behind The Veil program by 7th Sense Concept, that the distance between University of Ilorin Permanent Site and Terminus at Tipper Garage, Ilorin is just 17minutes, 20 second and thus four passengers per seat row should be endured.

When asked efforts of the Senate towards reversing the addition of a passenger sitting at the back seats of campus shuttles, the Senator noted that the school is experiencing transportation crisis and therefore the condition should be endured in order to help students leave school faster.

Until when the country experienced Petroleum Price hike some years back, campus shuttles conveyed only three passengers at the back seats.

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