May 19, 2022


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Quantum Leap Student Assembly announces appointment of new excos

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By Shittu Opeyemi

Quantum Leap Student Assembly (QLSA) has announced the appointment of the chairman and vice chairman for the caretaker committee for the university of Ilorin chapter.

Quantum Leap Student Assembly (QLSA) is an offshoot of Quantum Leap Foundation (QLF) an international Non government organization (NGO) with the aim of training students in tertiary organization on leadership, Political Literacy and and academic competency and it has it branches in various schools in whole Nigeria.

The organization was established in year 2017 and its offshoot Quantum Leap student Assembly (QLSA) in the year 2018. Although it is an infant organization it has participated in various programs such as attending and partaking in Lagos State of assembly, Oyo state house of assembly, leadership summit, speakers and clerks and clerks conference among others. The organization also had various programs to help students in various schools in all country across Africa.

The interview/screening process come up on the 1st of April 2021 and the organization made the official announcement of appointment into the post of chairman and the vice chairman of the committee in their press release on the 2nd April.

The organization in their press release states that the committee members were selected after rigorous screening process and that it is based solely on merits that they were selected.

Mr. Ojo oluwaseun is appointed as the president while Mr. Ohere Taofeek Apata emerges as the vice president.

Mr. Ojo Oluwaseun in an interview states that his first goal is to promote publicity so that people especially students will be aware of the opportunity(ies) of the organization and will maximize the benefits; use is a a ladder to achieve their goals.

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