May 26, 2022


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Queen’s College and Babcock University, an example of overkill

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By Folorunsho Fatai Adisa

The Queen’s College Saga and the Babcock’s issue, to me, are nothing but examples of hypocritical overkill. After all, one of the Yoruba’s philosophical sayings encapsulates it all, it goes, “It is hypocrisy that prevents the cock from flying as high as the eagle”.

Let me quickly briefly comment on both issues. The teenager that’s involved in the Queen’s college saga is in her youthful phase of life which is often supervised by youthful exuberance. Therefore, that she had fixed eye lashes should not be shocking.

Truly, it is condemnable and should also be punishable. However, drama set in as it was allegedly amplified by her teachers and the school’s security agents who resorted to body shaming her. As much as her mother is a certified candidate in the hall of condemnation too, I do not think most parents will likely and lightly take to having their child being disgraced before them.

A school is, by one way or the other, equivalent to a correctional centre and the home of imbibing morals into pupils. Therefore, it is one of their duties to help their very own pupil out of what they had considered wrong.

Now, let’s go to the girl that got “cocked” in BABCOCK. A short video clip made the rounds online today. In it, a male and a female who were allegedly pronounced to be (ex) students in Babcock University had sexual intercourse.

It is noteworthy that the act was neither done on the school campus nor had any paraphernalia of the school filmed in the tape. However, a press released has been issued by the school where it’s made known that culprits have been expelled; another overkill.

Many a times when we try to appear saintly, we in turn daub our white garment with some traces of oil. Personally, I see the approaches to both issues as hypocritical and as an overkill.

To have filmed the young lady who had fixed eyelashes as a part of her dressing to school in order to circulate it online would not in anyway prevent that from happening in the school again. I think the young lady should have been schooled and scolded instead.

Similarly, Babcock did not only expelled her students(?) that were involved in the leaked video clip; a press release was also written. The fact remains that, that’s one of many atrocities that goes on on campus. There are still numerous cases of drug abuse and cultism.

I think efforts should be made to give students deeper orientation on the adverse effects of the aforementioned and efforts should also be geared towards the rehabilitation of students that are caught in the act instead of the outright dismissal of errant students.

P.S: The above submissions are my views. Endeavour to remember that perception is everything. If I see six and you see nine, they are both the products of our standpoints. There’s no need for name calling. After all, disagreement has its own ethics too.


Adisa writes from NYSC Camp, Kastina, Nigeria.

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