January 23, 2021


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Reedof pens birthday wishes to Harmony

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ENIGMATIC VICE PRESIDENT I am left in awe ever since my knowledge of your auspicious day. Not because I didn’t hear in due time but because I couldn’t still get hold of epistles to describe your personality. I join Millions of Blessed people around the world to mark the birthday of a diligent, committed, hardworking, prestigious and innovative promising young woman.
Harmony, you have constantly proven to me that your virtues as a woman has never hindered your perspectives towards brilliance and productive results, you are indeed a blessing to Humanity.

As you age more today, I beseech you to uphold the high rich social, religious and philosophical beliefs that has distinguished you amidst many. I pray you find ultimate happiness in whatever you engage in. I wish for you all the blessed things you wish for yourself today and beyond. Once again, on behalf of all UNILORITES, I say a HEARTY BIRTHDAY TO LADY COMR…………….


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