May 24, 2022


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REPORT: Kwara Gov Pledge Safety For Residents

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We Clamoured For More Security Before Attack

Kwara State Governor, Gov. Abdulfatai Ahmed, has pledged that the state government will secure lives and properties of residents in the state.

He said this while condemning the recent robbery incident that occurred in the state. Health agencies were also deployed to treat the casualties, he added.

The governor while relaying his heart felt message to the affected people in the community, promised that, security will be more tightened across Kwara State.
I hope the security measures work. And pray for a more peaceful kwara state. I console with the people of offa. And I pray such event shouldn’t happen again.

According to a source, the robbery lasted for more than an hour and many banks were robbed, many lives lost. They went into the commercial banks and broke in with dynamite, took a lot of money yet to be known. The attacked banks were, Guaranteed trust bank, eco bank, union bank, zenith bank and first bank.

Another informant while condemning the attack, said, it was a very bad attack to the city, and it is a slap to the state, as non of the many robbers were caught.

A source claimed they clamoured for more security measures in the city,  before the brutal attack, but didn’t state the steps taken by the community. The robbers attacked the police head quarters, and overpowered the police force massively, before proceeding to the robbery attack, he added.

A resident who spoke with our reporter, urged Kwara State government, to take security measures that could defend subsequent events that may take place in the future. The respondent said, this same event happened around 2013, which went successful as the current one.

Ahmed D Abdulrasheed 

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