May 19, 2022


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RESUMPTION: A Note to New Students

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ALAO, Afeez Oluwatamilore

It’s another academic session filled with many aims to prioritize visionary goals, focus on steering the wheel of our career train considerably, never stop learning, and the need to build strong enthusiasm in our expectations. Indeed, we must exercise all-needed efforts for the realization of ideals.

However, given the propensity of tension and struggle school throws at undergraduates, ranging between the fear of exams, balancing academic and social life, insecurity, welfare, etc. Certainly, the quest to achieve academic excellence can be quite terrific that only the strong ones remain entrapped as long as one does not allow the stress to get hold of one’s life despite the thought of suicide.

Also, while the new-admitted students may be excited to resume as expected, it is important to remind them that school resumption comes with a myriad of spikes: take your student clearance, be conscientious to your academic life, and never settle for less — don’t forget to gain the best distinction you can achieve for yourself.

Likewise, maintaining integrity and commitment towards securing full learning potential is very crucial amidst all sobering realities. Notably, students should give more credence to academic activities to generate more prestigious educational-bound-fortune. While you may feel broken and vulnerable — protect your mental health, regardless; always find solutions to the problems that may continue to plague your learning process.

Students deserve the very best from teachers, after all, they cannot ignore their impact in terms of modeling the personality of varsity students, giving the university tutors core responsibility to teach and serve as an adviser to students.

Again, to ensure a stress-free process for students’ stability, transportation, and health care system, need to be fixed. It is a necessity for the “People-Focused Students Union administration” to solve these problems associated with students’ welfare.

Lastly, the union is expected to prioritize issues of crucial students’ concern; it is expected that the union take responsibility and find lasting solutions to them. The university populace awaits a sincere, committed, and people-focused students’ union administration.

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