May 25, 2022


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Russia-Trump: President faces criticism for attacking FBI

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Donald Trump is under fire for saying the FBI’s reputation is “in tatters” over its probe into alleged collusion between Russia and his campaign.
Ex-FBI director James Comey and former attorney general Sally Yates, who were both fired by Mr Trump, led criticism. Republican senator Lindsey Graham said Trump’s comments and tweets on ongoing investigations were at his “own peril”.
Mr Trump denies that his team colluded with Russia to get him elected, but four members have now been charged as part of the FBI inquiry lead by Robert Mueller.
The former head of the FBI James Comey, who was fired by President Trump and has testified in the investigation, posted a strong rebuttal of the president’s criticism of the organisation.
He posted online a quote from himself in June that said: “I want the American people to know this truth: The FBI is honest. The FBI is strong. And the FBI is, and always will be, independent.”


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