May 17, 2022


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Satellite Installation: A Quick Money Making Business in Nigeria, GSE Trainer Reveals

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A technologist at the department of Telecommunication Science who also doubled as one of the trainer for GSE 301 (Satelite Installation) has revealed how lucrative the business of satellite installation is in the country. Mr Yusuf S.O made this known today in an interview with UCJ reporters at the site of signal tracking beside the Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences, University of Ilorin.

“What we are currently doing here is signal tracking and it is an essential component of satellite installation” Mr Yusuf enthusiastically said “and as it stands, we’ve discussed the theoretical aspect of this training for week past and as you can see, the training proper is what we are putting together, almost every household in the country has a satellite dish that enable them to watch television programs such as football matches, movies, news…Now imagine, if you have the skill to install and repair this for people”

When asked what satellite installation is, he said “it involves location of suitable mounting locations, finding the satellite in relations to your surroundings, and physically attaching the dish to your structure” Mr Yusuf furthered that “the training being exposed to the students is still at basic and fundamental stage adding that the attitude of his trainees to training has been wonderful and interesting”.

Meanwhile, “the Technical Entrepreneurship Centre of the University” Mr Yusuf quipped “has been supportive in releasing grant for some important tools such as: decoder, the dish and spanners, but I have personally sacrificed to bring my own Television owing to the commitment and readiness of the students to learning”

The training had in attendance male only and the response of Mr Yusuf to this observation was that “there are five female trainees who’ve taken permission to attend CBT test”. Firthermore, a student of the department of the Agriculture, Awwal Awwal has described his experience in acquiring the skill as worthwhile adding that the trainer has been a friendly man he will never forget. “Mr Yusuf “ said Awwal “is the most outstanding trainer and teacher one can only dream of”.

In another chat with UCJ, a student of Physiology, Faculty of Basic Medical Science, Success Echebiri has said his choice of the skill was influenced by his friend. “Basically” Mr Success enthused “My journey to learning this skill is as a result of my friend who’d chosen the skill before me, although, I have come to enjoy every bit of my stay here and I can’t wait to put all these in practice when next I get back home”

Also at the site was Ibrahim Ilyas, a 300 level student of the department of Telecommunication Science who explained that he has had prior knowledge of satellite installation and his choice of the skill was borne out of the need to “hone and advance his skill” Although the time frame for the skill is quite short as one will need to combine academics with skill acquisition, “nevertheless” said Ilyas, “the skill worth every time, efforts and commitment one might have invested in it”

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