May 19, 2022


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Save our souls

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—Sàlàkó Olúwapèlúmi Francis

It becomes important to put the following into writing for their urgency and relevance to the wellbeing of  students of the faculty of Arts and the University community at large —what is the body without a healthy heart?. I have also written these with the careless and destructive nature of [some] students in mind and as a truly impassioned student whose purpose is to achieve a progressive stand.

The hotspot which every student of the varsity is automatically entitled to courtesy a specific payment is in an incommunicable state, i.e. students cannot boast of enjoying this hotspot access and it has been so for a long time minus a brief period of functionality. The hotspot’s situation has graduated into a case where students from other faculties now taunt students of the faculty of Arts because of their incessant visit to their own faculties.

Many students of the faculty of Arts have had to undergo stressful means to access the Internet such as having to stand under the smothering Ilorin sun for long hours around the neighboring  faculty of law or by trekking to farther faculties.  

The seats in the classrooms are in a very sorry state inspite of the fact that some of these seats were recently fixed. It is noteworthy that in the coat of these classrooms, there are no bulbs to sanction illumination when the sun goes into hibernation, and, around the faculty, you can be sure to fall into a ditch if you are unfortunate enough to not own—or hold a flash during night passage or you might step on snakes bred by the nearby overgrown grasses. That means you can’t attempt to study at night for security and technical reasons.

Moreover, the ALT, being a sort of pride, is breeding a string of undesirable blemishes. The air-conditioning system has been on a long break, catalysed maybe, by a technical breakdown or old age—which is most unlikely—  and in like manner, the fans in the classrooms have retired into old age. Some do not come on at all and the ones that do make terribly croaky sounds as though threatening a fall off. Likewise, the ALT seats and tables are fast losing their function. You might have to wander around a while before you locate some comfortable ones.

Furthermore, we, students, have had to suffer a great deal as far as convenience is concerned. The toilets situated in the faculty which has always acted as a cover for the Students’ toilet (which can easily be taken as a death trap) has been under lock for long.  Hence, students now resort to urinating at shadowy areas. and, on less fortunate days, you see faeces done in the cloak of the night —if you do not happen on them yet. The foul odor which these discharges author assault you during classes —it is, in fact, a major source of distraction.

The purpose of this essay is not to insult or make an exposé of the state of affairs at the faculty but to inform the students to whom these conditions are particular of the state of things in order to guide their conduct, and to, most of all, call the attention of the faculty hierarchy, through the students association, into these cases for urgent action.

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