May 17, 2022


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Say no to abuse of the girl child

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Olusina Aduragbemi

Have I ever been abused sexually?
Food for thought, just look at the things below and pick your answer.
You are in a public transit the guy beside you is stretching his hand over the seat, stylishly in bid of touching your skin or your boobs. You keep quiet & manage so that when you complain people won’t see you as been excessive and when you complain people say, its because of the way you’re dressed, you invited him.
You dress the way you’re content with, the men at the bus stops, eye-rape you even young boys of secondary start their cat calls, the older married men look forward to having you as their extra sugar babe. Trust me girl friend this is abuse and nobody in the society sees anything wrong rather they say you’re dressed indecently. This not only calamity it is madness.
Your parents arrange a lesson teacher to help boost your grades, yet the lesson teacher touches you inappropriately and when you complain he’ll say he was just playing with you, but if you rebel and report. Your parents don’t believe you or better still they just change the teacher and not bother to investigate how true it is or what went wrong?
Even male secondary school teachers and corp members date female student of their daughter’s age & find nothing wrong doing this. This my friend is what makes it as dangerous as a vipers venom and deadly like an antelope dancing in front of a lion king.
You are a secondary school student going about your school activities diligently, yet a particular set or group of “notorious” boys in your class who feel they are above the law & ethics of the classroom, not only pick on you constantly they also molest you for fun or for reasons best known to them, thereby making you feel worthless.¬† All these are not seen but when the affected girl commits suicide, then all the teachers start the unrewarded competition of giving the best speech at the candle night of the deceased girl . My friend this is not ignorance this is just a gross display of nonchalance & inadequate attention on the teacher’s path, which is heartbreaking and the latter result burdensome.
Lecturers wait for you to be at the brink of having a carryover, then suggest you substitute your body for marks and you hardly have a say because if you fail you won’t hear the end of it at home.
That is the society we have today, and you know the girls are the most blamed. So my dear girl friend don’t suffer in silence, speak up create the awareness. We are queens not princesses and we will be treated as such

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