July 28, 2021


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Scientists Create 🐙Octopus-Like Robotic Skin

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In a study published in the latest issue of Science (Oct. 13), researchers from Cornell University reveal how they made a morphing silicone-based membrane, inspired by cephalopod camouflage techniques. The team created a “skin” made of layers of silicone, rubber, and mesh that can assume the shape of things around it, like inanimate stones or living plants, disappearing into the background so that it’s indistinguishable. The idea for the project came to Cornell University materials expert Itai Cohen after watching videos of cephalopods in the ocean seemingly magically conjuring themselves into existence. He was awed. Cohen told the Washington Post, “You are staring at this coral reef. You have no idea [an octopus] is there. It changes color. It changes texture. It appears out of nowhere.”


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