May 7, 2021


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Senate council constitute house committees, appoint new chief whip

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In order to ensure decorum in the senate council, the house took a necessary step by appointing one of the senators from Arts constituency, Sen. Khalid Hammed Olaide, known as HOD as the chief whip of the senate council for 2019/20 session.

The appointment of HOD on Saturday saw him succeeding former presidential aspirant of the students’ union, Senator Usman Bagbansoro, who was the chief whip of the house in the last administration. Senate president, Sen. David Titiloye made the appointment and was unanimously approved by other senators without a single opposition.

Furthermore, they moved on by constituting committees of the house with transport committee consisting the highestt number of members, having 17 senators forming it. Hereunder is the full list of each committee with their chairmen, secretaries are public relations officers:

INTER PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE Sen. Ohjay (Chairman) Sen. Altitude (Secretary) Sen. Triple A (P.R.O) Sen. Oyinlola Sen. Nafisat Sen. Yemi Bello

TRANSPORT COMMITEE Sen. Landlord (Chairman) Sen. Comson (Secretary) Sen. Articulate (P. R. O) Sen. Algebra Sen. Debby Sen. GScales Sen. KOQ Sen. Dah_Blaq Sen. Legal Spirit Sen. Timmy Sen. Kaosybee Sen. Triple A Sen. HOD Sen. Dr Smith Sen. Thanni Sen. Najibat Sen. Double Dee

PROPERTY ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE Sen. J. B Retina (Chairman) Sen. Pearl (Secretary) Sen. Habibah (P.R.O) Sen. Favour Sen. Neeyah

LAW REFORM COMMITTEE Sen. Miss Keji (Chairman) Sen. Esther (Secretary) Sen. Altitude (P.R.O) Sen. Femifancy Sen. Thinkbig

BUDGET MONITORING COMMITTEE Sen. FemiFancy (Chairman) Sen. D. Two (Secretary) Sen. Rahmah (P. R. O) Sen. Kaosybee Sen. Ohjay

INFORMATION & ENLIGHTENMENT COMMITTEE Sen. Timmy (Chairman) Sen. O Smart (Secretary) Sen. Zahra (P.R.O) Sen. GScales Sen. Victoria

WELFARE COMMITTEE Sen. ThinkBig (Chairman) Sen. Najibat (Secretary) Sen. Dah_Blaq (P. R. O) Sen. Pearl Sen. Habibah

ETHICS & DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE Sen. H. O. D (Chairman) Sen. Purity (Secretary) Sen. KOQ (P.R.O) Sen. Ayobami Sen. Altitude

ACADEMIC ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE Sen. Mum’s Prayer (Chairman) Sen. Neeyah (Secretary) Sen. Matri (P.R.O) Sen. Rahmah Sen. Nafisat

HEALTH COMMITTEE Sen. Dr. Smith (Chairman) Sen. Derby (Secretary) Sen. Ayo (P.R.O) Sen. Purity Sen. Victoria Sen. Thanni Sen. Ohjay

IN HOUSE COMMITTEE Sen. Ruby (Chairman) Sen. Afo (Secretary) Sen. Comson (P.R.O) Sen. Landlord Sen. Sheriff

PRICE CONTROL Sen. Femzee (Chairman) Sen. Milliana (Secretary) Sen. Algebra (P.R.O) Sen. Favour Sen. Triple A

SAFETY & SECURITY COMMITTEE Sen. G Scales (Chairman) Sen. Nafisat (Secretary) Sen. Legal Spirit (P.R.O) Sen. Factor Sen. Femzee

REVENUE & FINANCE COMMITTEE Sen. Tee Confidence (Chairman) Sen. Oyinlola (Secretary) Sen. Okoro (P.R.O) Sen. Double Dee Sen. O. Smart

SOCIAL COMMITTEE Sen. Milliana (Chairman) Sen. Switch (Secretary) Sen. Jude (P.R.O) Sen. Mum’s Prayer Sen. D. Two

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