May 24, 2022


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Senate Council inaugurates UISEC, charges commission to uphold credible elections

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Lawal Rizqah and Adedimeji Quayyim


  • UISEC inaugurated
  • Petition against Faculty of Education tendered before the Senate Council
  • Nominee disqualified based on “code violations”

The Senate Council of the Students Union has inaugurated the University Independent Electoral Commission (UISEC), which would be responsible for the conduct of the election of public officials into Union roles. The Commission was inaugurated from a pool of individuals nominated by various Faculties by the student representatives on Friday, 7th of January, 2022.

The nominees into the commission were authenticated individually by the Deputy Senate President, Senator Feyisara Rahmah. However, the authentication and swearing-in of the nominated members for the UISEC wasn’t a straightforward one and was delayed due to issues that were highly debated by the student representatives of the Council.

After the disqualification of a nominee from the Faculty of Education, twenty-five nominees for the UISEC were sworn in by the Deputy Senate President as commissioners. The elections for the Chairman, General Secretary, and P.R.O of the UISEC began immediately and were conducted to determine the principal officers of the Commission.

Commissioner Shuayb Babatunde from the Faculty of Management Sciences emerged as the chairman of the newly sworn-in UISEC 2021/22, unopposed with a total of 22 votes and 3 void votes. He was immediately sworn in as the UISEC 2021/22  chairman by the Council.

Commissioner Onifade Joshua from the Faculty of Physical Sciences emerged as the UISEC 2021/22 General secretary of the UISEC, unopposed with a total of 23 votes and 2 void votes, while Commissioner Sanya Oluwasegun Joshua from the Faculty of Engineering emerged as the UISEC 2021/22 P.R.O as he also went unopposed with a total of 22 votes and 3 void votes and were both sworn in respectively.

However, a nominee into the Commission from the Faculty of Education, Mr. Abdulsalam Abdullah Opeyemi (Budoz The Informant) was rejected because he is in gross violation of the Students Handbook of the University.  A petition against the said nominee was submitted by the Chief Justice of the Students Union, Muazzu Ola-Lawal Abolaji, and was read by the clerk claiming that he actively campaigned for political aspirants and is an active partisan thereby against his fitness as a member of the Commission. 

The petition was largely debated on the floor of the Senate Council and Senator Alawaye from Education, who denied “submitting the petition” after recognition by the Judicial Council, was thoroughly questioned. The Sub Dean of the Student Affairs, Dr. Alex Akanmu, while trying to resolve the issue, mentioned that Mr. Abdulsalam Abdullah Opeyemi couldn’t be made a member of ISEC due to violations of the codes of the Students Handbook, which has enabled the University management to expunge his nomination into the Commission.

After trite deliberations by the Senators of the Council, Mr. Abdulsalam Abdullah Opeyemi was disqualified by the Senate Council, which urged him to clear his issue with the school management before his nomination into the UISEC is considered.

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