June 30, 2022


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Senate Council rules out Jalamia, Jeans at sittings

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The Senate council of the University of Ilorin students’ Union has on Saturday 24th of November, at the second ordinary planery sitting ruled out wearing of Jalamia and Jeans material attire to the sitting.

As contain in the rule 2B of the Union compendium, the Senate council says the rule provides that every council member must adorn him or herself in a complete formal dressing.

As the chief interpreter of the said rule, the Deputy Senate president, Miss Mustapha Kaosar stated that going by her interpretation Jalamia does not fit into the category of formal dressings; saying that it is Arab dressing and as such it does not in anyway represent Nigerian’s set of natives dressing which the constitution accepts. She further positioned that cultural dressings should not be mistaken for native dressings.

In his reaction, the Senate President, Senator Jesunifemi pointed out that formal dressing is only meant to show “decency and modesty”; and that “if there is any case of ambiguity in form of dressing at the sitting of of the house, the Deputy Senate Council as the chief interpreter of that provision of the law has the right to address it”

Amongst the accepted modes of dressing are: complete suit dress, pant trousers and skirt with short or long sleeve shirt, native attire with or without native cap or headgear for female. And that such dressings must be complemented with either a set of cover shoes or sandals. And at not point in time should any Senate council member appear in slippers.

Abdullahi Ridhwan Adetutu reports

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