May 26, 2022


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Senate Council takes planery session to members

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By Christiana Peter

Having failed to form qourum for physical planery, the Senate Council, on Saturday, opted for virtual session to accommodate members who could not be present for physical sitting.

Since the long holidays occasioned by the outbreak of Covid-19, the Senate Council resumed its legislative activities today, marking its 4th ordinary sitting.

Being 26 in number would have formed qourum, however the number of those present was placed around 20.

To continue the session scheduled to physically hold at the Lecture Theatre I, Senator Ohjay from Physical Science moved a motion to switch to digital platform, and the motion was seconded by Senator Zara from the faculty of Education.

With this, public members, The Press inclusive, might not have access to the virtual planery to witness the legislative business of the day.

Meanwhile while the council went on recess to later resume virtually, the Sub Dean of Student Affairs, Dr Alex Akanmu paid a visit to the physical venue of the legislative session only to find out the activities have been switched to virtual space.

More details coming up…

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