May 24, 2022


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Senator rejects letter as SU Vice President tenders apology letter before Senate Council

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Okanlawon Yusrah Modupe and Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

Following her action of organizing a Students Union Tutorial session without due consultation and approval of the Senate Council as provided for by the Constitution of the Students Union, the Vice president of the Unilorin Students Union, Badru Haneefah Motunrayo, has tendered an apology to each senator of the Union, as instructed by the Council.

Meanwhile, one of the letters was rejected by Senator Tajudeen Sulaiman Olawale representing the Faculty of Law, who claimed that his name on the letter addressed to him was misspelled and hence, was not properly addressed to him. Due to this development, Senator Tajudeen rejected the letter, stating that it constitutes an insult to his personality. 


The letters of apology, tendered to the Chamber during the Senate Sitting held on Friday, 7th of January 2021, had contents addressed to the Senators in the exact words “the office of the Vice President sincerely apologizes to your esteemed personality for not informing the Senate council before organizing a tutorial according to the provision of the Constitution.”


The apology letters tendered to all the fifty-eight (58) student representatives, each bore the names for the senators addressing them each in full name.  These letters were thereby distributed by the office of the Clerk of the Senate Council to each member of the during the same sitting.

The rejection by the Senator sparked deliberations from the Council at the sitting, many of whom regarded his allegation as ‘petty’ and time-wasting. However, Senator Tajudeen maintained his ground and expressed his profound dissatisfaction with the unforgivable mistake. He regarded it as a kind of negligence that arose from the nonchalant attitude of the Vice President of the Union to what is supposed to be her apology.

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