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Senators accuse leader of power drunkeness

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The senate council was thrown into disarray following the nomination of faculty representatives of the Independent Students’ Electoral Commission yesterday, 18th June,2019.

The chaos erupted has a result of the petition filed against Mr Animate of Faculty of Agriculture. The petition signed by six members of the faculty was presented on the floor of the house by the Chief Justice of the student union. 
They accused the nominee of being caught and pardoned for examination malpractice, causing  pandemonium within the faculty and also luring some senators of the faculty to nominate him. The council deliberated upon the rigidity of the petition after the sub-dean of student affairs made the congress understand that the allegation also concerned the school and the management will take it up.

The senate president, Mr. Jesunifemi further referred the senators to rule 11 of the student union compendium. In the process of deliberation, a senator representing the faculty of communication and information sciences was ruled out of order by the senate leader after being observed and asked him to sit to which he refused. The senate president ordered the senator representing CIS out of the sitting for some minutes and he refused the second time, the senate president walked out of the sitting carrying the mace but was stopped half way by the sub-dean and the commissioning of the ISEC continued after Mr. Ore and Sammyblack moved for the motion that the student affairs conduct proper investigation of the allegation and get back to the council.
After the commissioners were sworn in, election of the principals was conducted and MJ emerged the general secretary and BA the PRO. Another uproar rose soon after the contestant for the position of chairman introduced themselves to the house as Aluko Ahmed, sen. Mayor and some other senators tried to raise a point of order but were not observed and the uproar led to chaos as some senators together with some congressmen attacked the senate president at his bar.
While it was rumored that the senate president was beaten, it was gathered that Aluko Ahmed was not qualified to run for the position of the chairman of the commission as he is in the commission for the first time and not experienced as stated in the electoral act of the compendium. Senators (names withheld) accused the senate president of power drunkenness and having special interest in the position of the chairman and as a result breached the compendium. Efforts to reach the senate president proved abortive as he was not seen around.
The sub-dean nullified the election process, he addressed the house after the senate president arrived and the sitting was announced to continue today 20tg June by 4pm

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