May 17, 2022


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Sex for Grades: Dont be quick to blame lecturers, parents may be culprits

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By Jamiu Adegoke

The common saying, as can be aptly guessed when two parents are found discussing after meeting with the school principal on the forthcoming school leaving examinations, has undoubtedly been a subtle assistant (if not the principal contributor) to the endemic plague that’s eating deep into the stem of our school system. And if care (adequate, and not just any) isn’t taken to curb this virus that’s proven resistant to all corrective control measures, the academic system will be badly affected such that the little flower left on it will non-optionally wilt and provide us with no viable seed, none at all!

Well, themselves being parents, the lecturers whose hands were found paddling this forbidden fruit into their oral cavity, may be the reasons they are always at the receiving end of the blame most times. Matter-of-factly, we need to arrest this issue from its root if a long-lasting solution is truly our desire.

Parents, as we’re being taught are the first school where the child acquired his first degree (informal and indirect). They learn from their parents every second they spend with them, they learn to eat, speak, read, write, walk, listen, and a host of many others, like their parents do. This is to say children learn by observing their parents’ way or life, thus, the impact of parents on children’s attitude cannot be overemphasized.

Without beating about the bush, the popular saying among parents ‘eni ti o mon way, lo mon’we’ (literally translates: one who knows his way, knows book) has greatly contributed to the sex for grades scandal that has become a banal in our universities nowadays. Hardly will you find one of ten parents willing to allow their children sit for the WAEC/NECO/GCE/NABTEB examinations without partial or full assistance.

Before gaining admission into the university, the parents have sown the seed of examination malpractice into the hearts of their children which is very viable and have the prospects of birthing nonchalance to academic works on the part of the students.

How does this relate to Sex For Grades?
In the university setting, it’s a common practice for students to buy their A’s and B’s from the lecturers without putting an iota of effort into reading their books — such students even have better grades than those who burn the night candles — they know the way and thus are the brilliant ones on the scores sheet, at least mom said ‘eni t’omo way lomo’we’. The males ply the financial bribery route while the females chant the “use what you have to get what you want” anthem with no shame. Afterall, their moms have told them ‘eni t’omo way, lomo’we’.

Just like it runs in the vein of every homo that breathes Nigerian oxygen, the lecturers aren’t exempted from the corruption curse, they lick their lips (except some) whenever their office knobs are turned by females who miss tests or want their carryovers waved. At first, these students are not reluctant to make their chastity the sacrificial lamb, and after the first deal, the lecturers like every other pervert will want a frequent friendly rematch, this is the part they’ll exempt when they’re narrating with tears effortlessly sliding down their face what they suffer in the hands of the lecturers.

Do I need to mention the degree of provocativeness of these students’ dressing? I know you’re aware of how they’re decently clad in cleavage and thigh revealing dresses, men have no sense of feeling after all, that does no harm and the society (and their parents) praise them for being very decent and modest in dressing, what a mouhahaha.

The community in turn stone the lecturers with blame and leave the students and their parents — often the real culprits — to enjoy the show, isn’t our society being partial? Reserve some stones for them as well at least!

Before you blame the lecturers and tweet about how much of a disgrace these lecturers are to the teaching profession, make sure you’re immaculate – one that’s always resisted sexual temptations from appealing faces, else, shut your mouth, leave twitter and go to YouTube.

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